We know that there is no one-size-fits-all demo
and that your time is valuable.

So during the call:

We want to take the time needed to get to know the processes
you use to manage orders and shipments for your e-commerce

Together we'll find out what's not working with your logistics
processes and give you ideas to improve through
individual, customized consulting

If you want, we'll help you try out isendu right away for free for 21 days

Some questions we'll ask during
the demo
to give you an idea
of how isendu could be useful
in your specific case

How do you manage the shipping in your

Do you use a system to generate labels

What would you like to improve about your current
shipment management process?

How do you share order tracking info
with your customers?

Do you use an automatic system to ask for

What strategy do you use to retain your
customers and increase sales?

Do you send a review request?
Discount coupons? A link to a complementary