You need numbers
to win the
e-commerce challenge

Analytics is a true
gold mine for anyone managing an
e-commerce platform.
With isendu you can maximize its power and
better understand purchasing behaviors and
trends to increase your sales volume.


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The best tool to
guide your growth

Using isendu is just like having
an e-commerce specialist right by your side all the time.
You can process the data provided,
understand trends, and serve your customers to your
fullest potential.
Grow your business
with a data-driven approach!

View all the information you
need quickly and conveniently

Download the data in Excel format

Monitor your shipping trends

Analyze the impact of
shipping costs on your revenues

Keep your eye
on it all!

Shipping costs

Monitor your costs and improve their
impact on your overall margin.

Number of shipments

Count the number of labels generated
each day, week or month.

Shipping history

Consult shipping histories and understand purchasing trends.
Sell more, sell better.

Warehouse stocks

Check seasonal data and your sales volumes.
Avoid stock disruptions and stock-outs.

Automatic updates

The software takes care of inventory and leaves
you more time for yourself and your business.

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