Integrazione Spedizioni Amazon - isendu

Integrate and ship
Amazon orders with all carriers

isendu connects orders from your Amazon store to express carrier
services. Automate your e-commerce shipments to simplify your
life, letting you ship with 1 click!


The Amazon integration is almost ready.

It will be released by December 31.

You can manage your order shipments by integrating Amazon into isendu


The control panel lets you easily coordinate
all your sales channels, websites
and marketplaces.


It only takes one click to generate a shipment. Save up
to 85% of your time and save yourself.


isendu lets you focus on what creates value for your
business and solve the logistics challenge.

Create shipments
with Alexa!

With isendu you can use Amazon Alexa
to generate shipping labels, assign
orders to the chosen carriers and
monitor the tracking of your orders.
All this can be done quickly and easily,
using your voice.

Track orders placed

on your e-commerce using
the integration between isendu, Amazon and
major national and
international carriers

DHL is one of the best-known carriers in the world and operates in over 200 countries with a truly vast fleet of propriety vehicles.

DHL delivers worldwide with efficient premium service with costs in keeping with its quality. Its vehicles for delivery range from electric bicycles to Boeing 777s for flights.

BRT is a long-established Italian carrier, active in Italy for many years and is chosen by customers especially for its versatile service.

BRT lets you ship virtually any type of package.

BRT is also known for its competitive prices and widespread coverage, operating outside of Italy in partnership with DPD and other carriers.

GLS is a very popular carrier in Italy, though it has English origins and
works with franchising in a large part of Italy.

GLS is less widespread than other companies but has been growing significantly.
Customers appreciate that GLS is adaptable and fast, and it is chosen by those wanting a balance between cost and quality.

Our integrated


    We are a company founded in Italy and
    it is here where we make our greatest
    logistical contribution to e-commerce.

    From the start, we have been partners
    with the best Italian logistics and
    express carriers, ranging from large
    companies based in Italy to the smallest
    logistics companies operating in our country.

    There are many small shipping companies in
    Italy that we integrate to let our e-commerce
    businesses reach every place on the Italian
    peninsula and islands.

    Track your shipments

    in real time on the isendu dashboard

    isendu's panel makes managing your e-commerce
    very easy. Keep an eye on all your shipments
    at a glance, at any time, without having to
    ump from one website to another.

    Live Tracking

    Your order tracking is synchronized in real time
    with the data from the carrier responsible for
    the shipment.
 This means you can immediately update
    your customers on their order's progress.

    Do you use Amazon and want to find out

    how we can help your online store
    deliver better, faster, and easier?

    The opinions that matter most

    Giulia Rebora

    E-commerce Manager - Funky Table

    Giulia Rebora

    isendu lets us use a single platform and streamline many aspects of logistics. We work better and with less room for error. Plus, the thing that won us over was being able to quickly compare costs and rates of our logistics partners and so choose the best deal.

    Elena Fortuna

    Co-Founder - Waxmore

    Elena Fortuna

    We turned to isendu because managing shipments had become too cumbersome. The procedures were long, complicated, and often error-prone. The support we get from isendu in this area is excellent. I am really happy to be working with this system, which I’d suggest to anyone who needs a fast, efficient platform.

    Lorenzo Romano

    Chef - Insolita Trattoria 3 soldi

    Lorenzo Romano

    A tool like isendu is a great solution for automating shipments and connections between e-stores, marketplaces, and carriers. The Food & Beverage industry demands rapid deliveries: automating specific processes is the only way to get quickly and, most importantly, get to the destination in less time.

    Michele Pacucci

    Founder - Benessere Integratori

    Michele Pacucci

    “Benessere Integratori was founded in 2017 and manages an average of 500–600 shipments a month, which has been growing considerably.
    Before choosing isendu, we had to input orders and shipping documents manually on carrier websites with the delays and errors you’d imagine. Now all those obstacles are a memory.
    What I like best about isendu is the easy interface and speed with which orders can be fulfilled. In almost no time at all and a couple of clicks at most, the package is ready to be shipped. I also want to mention the support of the isendu team: exceptional! I always felt supported though, honestly, the software is so easy to use that there’s no need to contact them all that often.”

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