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Dedicated plans
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  • Unlimited carrier integrations
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  • 24/7 support
  • Dashboard & Analytics
  • Unlimited marketplaces integrations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the questions people ask us most!

  • Will it take a lot of effort to learn how to use isendu?

    No, from the start, we’ve been all about total ease of use. We conceived and designed isendu to give you tools right away to give your shipments rocket speed with an easy-to-use, compact dashboard for you. No need for instruction manuals or long procedures to set up the software. Simply integrate your sales platforms and the carriers you use, let isendu automatically receive your orders and then you can generate shipping labels with 1 click.

  • Will there be activation or configuration costs?

    No, everything is included in the fee charged monthly. In the 14-day trial period, you can already 100% use the platform. This means that all additions are free and included in the fee.

  • Can I ship without having carrier contracts?

    Yes, but keep in mind that we don’t resell rates! We have pre-negotiated rates with all major national and international couriers, which you can use for the first 30 shipments. This is the perfect solution for everyone taking their first steps in the world of online business and those who want to try out our service for the first time.

    Our suggestion is that you still make direct agreements with your preferred carriers —that’s the only way your business can achieve the success it deserves. We can help you with that too. Because we have direct contacts with the carriers, we can show you what to do.

  • Can I ship abroad?

    You sure can! You can ship internationally with your rates or with those pre-negotiated by isendu. And remember: if your carrier can do it, so can we.

  • Can I use several carriers at the same time?

    Yes, you can connect an unlimited number of carriers. If you don’t find it on our list, we promise to integrate it within 15 days.

  • Can I import orders manually?

    Yes, you can also create manual shipments that come from sources other than those you have integrated with us. For example, you could have your e-commerce made with Woocommerce or your eBay or Amazon store but still want to insert other orders manually. You can do that.

  • Are you really integrated with all marketplaces?

    We like a nice challenge! Tell us which sales channel you use and if it’s not on our list, we’ll promise to integrate it within 15 days.

  • Is my data safe?

    Without a shadow of a doubt! We are obsessed — in the best sense of the word — with the security of your data. Our system has been tested to withstand any kind of cyber attack.

  • How is the system’s cyber security managed?

    We use a serverless framework, a brand-new technology that lets us give optimal data security. Keep in mind that we’re the only ones who can promise you this!

  • Do you use PHP technology?

    Absolutely not. PHP is outdated and risky! Comparing isendu’s technological equipment to PHP is like comparing a smartphone with a telegraph. Unfortunately for their customers, most of our competitors still use PHP. You should realize the risk you run if you have an account with them.

  • Why is isendu serverless?

    Because it allows us better scalability and flexibility. The software can handle any sudden variations in workload without a hitch. Serverless SaaS is a huge competitive advantage in an ever-changing landscape of increasingly demanding customers looking for secure, high-performing software for their business. With serverless computing, developers can input code, create back-end applications or event handling routines, and process data without worrying about underlying servers, virtual machines (VMs), or compute resources managed by the provider.

  • Why do you think you are the best?

    Because we just are! In Italy, there are no competitors with our technological prowess and knowledge of the SaaS world.

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