Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the most common questions people
have about our Partner Program.

How does isendu's Partner Program work?

isendu's Partner Program offers two ways to exchange value with our Partners. The two modes can be used at the same time or on their own; one does not exclude the other. The first way is to bring customers to our platform as an isendu Partner, and get an ongoing commission of 20% of isendu plan's monthly subscription fee that the customer pays. The other mode is to develop co-marketing and create truly exciting projects together. There are many interesting possibilities, such as exchanging Blog posts, organizing webinars, holding online and offline events, and participating in our Radio E-Commerce podcast. You can also become part of the isendu Community that will give you an exclusive showcase to talk with our customers and partners, where you can tell your story and highlight your successes.

Our common goal is to give lasting value to our customer base and a major boost to our brand and our partners' brand.
See our terms to learn more about it.

How can I become an isendu partner?

Once the agreement has been made and the contract signed, you need only register on the platform to get an isendu Partner account. Once you are a Partner, you can start enrolling customers with your account. You will get a share of the revenue that isendu earns from customers, starting the from the day they sign up. You'll have access to a dedicated platform you'll be able to see how many customers are onboard and how much commission you have earned, making for a totally simple, transparent financial and administrative management. Fill in the form and become a Partner.

How will I be paid?

You'll have access to a dedicated platform you'll be able to see how many customers are onboard and how much commission you have earned, making for a totally simple, transparent financial and administrative management. You'll be able to get paid and invoice at any time with just a click. Earnings are accrued on a monthly basis and you are free to manage invoicing how and when you like. Payments will be sent to you by bank transfer. Earnings from referrals are calculated separately.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a unique URL you give to your customers. Each Partner gets their own unique affiliate link, which you give to your customer when needed. This will link the new customer account to your dashboard, where you can always keep an eye on its status.

What information about my customers will I be able to track?

You can see who your customers are and whether they're still active on isendu, the total commissions generated by all your customers and the total revenue since you joined the isendu Partner Program.

Will I get any tools to help promote isendu to my customers?

Yes. Every isendu Partner gets our Official Brand Kit including brochures, logos and information to share. You can use any of the material, and we'll give you tips on how to show that you are an isendu Partner. Our newsletter will keep you up-to-date about isendu and give you tips on how to promote isendu and other important info.

If you think of something specific that you think would help you sell, please get in touch with the Partner Manager.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

No. You can accumulate as many customers as you want and earn income from them. The way we see it: when you earn, we earn.
E-commerce, Together.

How much will I earn?

You will get an ongoing commission of 20% of the monthly subscription fee of the isendu plan that the customer has subscribed to.

See more about isendu subscriptions on the prices page.

If I had a customer join isendu before signing up as a Partner, can I still add them to my dashboard?

No. If you had a customer join before registering as a Partner, you can't add their account to your dashboard.

I know that e-commerce companies to which I have given the affiliate link have signed up to your service in recent weeks. Why don't my earnings seem to be increasing as a result?

As an isendu partner, you earn a commission based on the merchant's subscription fee. You keep on earning this commission as long as the merchant is an isendu customer and you are an active isendu Partner. We calculate your commission based on the invoices paid by the merchant. After isendu has sent the invoice to the merchant and it has been paid, you will start earning money.

What happens if I want to dispute an amount paid to me as earnings if I think that the amount I received is more/less than the amount owed?

If you have a payment dispute, please contact support with complete details of the problem. We will review your complaint and do our best to find a solution.

Will new features be introduced in the Partner system?

Yes. Just like for isendu in general, we're always developing all sorts of useful features for the Partner Program. We will tell you about these new features before they go into operation. If there are any functions or features that you'd like to have added to the isendu Partner Program, please contact your partner manager. Meanwhile, go to the Partner Program page and check out all the possibilities.

Does being an isendu Partner mean I can't have collaborations with third parties?

No. The relationship with isendu is non-exclusive. We want to prove to you that our solution and our Partner Program are the best on the market, the best for you. So no obligations and no limitations here.

What are the service's terms and conditions?

Our service terms and conditions are here.

How can I unsubscribe from the Program after becoming a Partner?

Contact our team.

isendu Partner


Recurring commission - LTV - equal to 20% of the monthly subscription fee of the isendu plan the customer subscribes to.


It recurs monthly as long as the merchant remains a paying isendu customer and the Partner remains an "active isendu Partner".


An active isendu Partner is a Partner that does at least one of the following within a 12-month period:

  • Brings no less than 4 customers a year to isendu
  • Organizes 2 online and/or offline events together with isendu (webinars, seminars, workshops, hackathons, etc.)
  • Produces 2 videos of content related to its business, exclusively for the isendu community

If the Partner does not reach these minimums, it will receive the agreed commission for the first year of the customer's activity with isendu.

Customers Referral
"Bring a friend"


20% discount on one month's subscription for both Recipient and Promoter customers.


Each customer will only receive the reward upon the first subscription.


The Program will be activated by sending the Promoter customer a unique personal link that can be received on the isendu platform or by e-mail. The Recipient customer must register through this link and will be entitled to receive the reward.