Incentivising shipments to pick-up points

Zero stock and save on shipping costs by activating the unique PudoFlex™ functionality in seconds.

A practical, economical and sustainable shipping method

Offer your customers a convenient and flexible option

Enrich your customers’ choices with pick-up points.

Save on shipping costs

Shipment to a pick-up point (PUDO) is cheaper and reduces instances of consignments being held in storage.

Reduce environmental impact

The carbon footprint decreases by up to three times compared to home delivery (source: Brt).

The fastest activation ever

The unique functionality of PudoFlex™ allows anyone to effectively implement pick-up points on their e-commerce. Our team will activate the feature within minutes without any programming costs.

The technology of the big players on your e-commerce

Offer your customers the same experience as Amazon and Vinted: a convenient, interactive map on every device to choose the nearest pick-up point.

The PudoFlex™ knows no obstacles

The versatility of PudoFlex™️ allows any e-commerce to offer its customers the flexibility of shipping to and from pick-up and drop-off locations, regardless of the technology used.

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