Your carts are a gold mine

Recover abandoned shopping carts on your e-commerce and turn them into new sales opportunities.


Restore conversion rates and increase sales

Through a highly effective and targeted approach, we recover shopping carts abandoned by your customers during the checkout process, returning them to order completion


Leave it to us

Request the service and don’t worry about a thing, we will take care of the integration with your e-commerce, we will create the sequence, the right timing and the branded design of your emails for you.


Keep everything under control, with up-to-date reports and statistics

Monitoring the progress of your marketing strategies and tracking recovered customers will be quick and easy.

Bolgherello earns 1890€ in 1 month with whatsapp from isendu

Augusto Abbigliamento was established in the 1970s and specialised over time in technical and hunting clothing of the best brands.

2435 €

Total turnover recovered with our strategy


The number of carts recovered in a single month


Current conversion, projected growth

“But I already use Shopify’s cart retrieval”.

Email Marketing

You don’t have to worry about a thing, we will create the sequence, the right timing and the branded design of your emails for you. Leverage the experience of hundreds of ecommerce companies in one fell swoop.

Advanced testing

As you know, A/B testing is essential to optimise your shopping cart campaigns. We will analyse the data for you and optimise your sequences to make as much money as possible.

Verified e-mails

Our sequences have some of the highest deliverability rates ever seen. In one sentence? Our emails don’t go to SPAM.

We also recover unregistered customers

With our system you will be able to send email campaigns to everyone who has abandoned the checkout, not just those who have registered. Find out how by starting the trial!

Reports and Statistics

Keep track of your campaign progress and recovered customers in one dashboard.

Recovering an abandoned shopping cart means reminding the customers that they are one step away from buying the product of their desires by exploiting certain tricks such as urgency or scarcity.

I already have a system to retrieve abandoned trolleys. Why should this work better?

For two reasons: 1) we use a different abandonment tracking system than classical plug-ins; 2) our consultants are specialised in this type of activity and prepare extremely effective personalised emails.

How long does it take to activate the free trial?

Time for a call, book your appointment via this link and we will immediately activate the system in your shop.

Is my e-commerce suitable for your abandoned shopping cart retrieval service?

Our system is configurable to all major CMSs (Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, etc.). To see concrete results, it is best to start the free trial when you have an average of at least 100 orders/month.

Do you take a percentage of the turnover earned through your system?

Absolutely not. The cost of the service subscription is fixed. Which means that should you earn 10,000 euro in a week (it has happened!) we will not take any commission on your turnover.

Where can I view my recovery statistics?

You have a dashboard at your disposal from which you can consult any metrics you are interested in (open rate, click rate, no. of abandoned carts, cancellation rate, etc.).

Achieve your
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