We're a team of
ambitious visionaries.
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Our mission is to build a smart,
high-tech world that makes e-commerce
grow now and in the future.

We are

We want to create a world where anyone can buy and receive anything from anywhere.

isendu sprung from the idea that everyone should be able to buy and receive at home whatever they want, whether online or offline.

Joining the team means taking on exciting challenges, mastering new skills and learning new tools and knowledge to share with a truly inclusive global community.

Three things drive us: boundless curiosity, unlimited optimism and a desire to grow our team. Join us!

Show us who you are!

We can't wait to hear about your talent.

We're looking for people ready to be amazed,
commit themselves, surpass themselves
and, most importantly,
to put their hearts as well as their minds into the job.

You'll be able to count
on your teammates

We believe in the value of
working together, meaning
real processes and
practices that truly help
the entire team.

Sharing what
we learn

Our work culture spurs
us to keep on learning
new things.


We believe in organizing our
work using tools and methods
that are always up-to-date

Keeping our team
in the know

Sharing our results lets
us get in perfect synch
with the whole team

common goals

We're looking for people who are
ready to show us their stuff and
know how to work towards goals.

The life you want
and a job you love

Work isn’t everything. We understand that there’s a world outside of the office.
We take care of our team, offering you real benefits that help you be at your best,
physically, mentally and financially.


Supporting your physical and
mental health is a priority for us

  1. Medical, dental and vision insurance for employees
  2. Programs to support our team's mental health


How we give financial peace
of mind to our team

  1. Competitive compensation
  2. Regular bonuses
  3. Community and personal development


We'll give you the space and
opportunities to grow, both
personally and professionally

  1. Educational reimbursement
  2. Learning and coaching platform
  3. Ongoing in-house training


The time you need to rest and recharge is essential. We're happy to work together to find flexible solutions.

  1. Paid leave
  2. Ability to work remotely once a week
  3. Four weeks per year to "work from anywhere"
  4. Part-time and shared work options


We create spaces and resources to support your growth, productivity and wellbeing

  1. Our spaces are stimulating places to work, recharge and collaborate with others
  2. Meals and drinks together
  3. Fitness center and on-site wellness programs

Organize your time
Our commitment
to happier work

We know that finding balance between work and
your private life can be really hard. We believe
in the value of time spent well. Some people
would rather be in the office every day. Others
do their best work while at home. You’re the only
one who can know what’s best for you.

Are you on the same
page as us?

Skills are important, but what we really
look for is someone who shares our passion
and drive, as well as our values, dreams
and goals.

So... even if you don't see the right position
for you, feel free to contact us and tell us
how you can make our team stronger!

Tell us
about yourself

Every application is valuable
and we give it all the time
and attention it deserves.

We especially love applicants
who introduce themselves in an
original way like with a story
or an amazing anecdote.

Our six-step
hiring process

We are ready to welcome you!

Do you want to work with people who are responsible, fun,
optimistic, cheerful, flexible and ready to help?

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