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    Someone is always innovating a small piece of the puzzle, which joins someone else's small piece to make a big piece, and be part of a major revolution. This is exactly what innovation means. At A-Commerce we want to stay up to speed with the market. We like creating synergies with people and projects that can do the same. With isendu, we have a shared vision that will lead to our mutual growth in the mid-to-long term.

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    Alexandru Birleanu
    Head of Ecommerce

  • SAAS

    We're happy to have started working with isendu. Our common goal is the growth of e-commerce. We're watching over two crucial aspects: logistics and payments. Working together in the same direction, we are confident that we'll give our customers value.

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    Gloria Ferrante
    Marketing Manager


    Jusan Network helps companies develop their businesses with infrastructure, digital services and all-round strategic consulting. We've found a solution in isendu that can give us that extra edge to use along with our clients to enable them to do "more business" with less stress, bringing strategy and the customer back to a central position.

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    Samuele Camatari
    Founder & CEO


    At Fiscozen, we help VAT-registered businesses to realize their professional ambitions. In isendu we found the same passion we have for supporting the growth of all
    e-commerce. Not only do we share the same industry, we also share ease of use and focus on the customer. Together we will go a long way in a far-ranging collaboration to bring value to the entire supply chain.

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    Paolo Enrico Zagami
    Partnership & BD Specialist


    With isendu, we share a common passion as well as the complex dynamics of our industry, the the world of e-commerce! Logistics and legal assistance are two of the most important aspects of protecting and growing businesses. I am delighted to work with isendu, a great logistics partner.

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    Floriana Capone
    E-commerce lawyer - Founder

  • SAAS

    We are thrilled to be working with isendu, a great logistics partner with enormous potential! To be successful in today's e-commerce landscape you have to find the best SaaS solutions to help you be flexible and scalable, giving you the potential to expand beyond your national borders. isendu and Katana PIM offer this service to many brands, wholesalers and retailers across Europe. We look forward to developing this logical partnership on even more projects!

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    Raoul Straathof
    Commercial Manager


    Digital and Building are two concepts that connect us deeply to isendu. I Consultant and isendu respond to our customers and markets' real needs: growing by creating tailor-made projects, growing by providing constant support, growing through continuous training, growing by structuring environments where customers and partners feel at home. At I Consultant, like at isendu, we are at home.

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    Marco Mori
    Co Founder & Communication Designer

Real advantages for dynamic partners

At isendu, we want to give real value to partners who join us in our project.
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Increase your earnings

20% ongoing commission on the
sale of our service to your customers. Forever.

24-hour support

Dedicated team: Partner Manager, Account Executive
and Customer Support. Continuous training and support.

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Financial and administrative management that is
simple and transparent and accessible any time.


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content for a quality audience.

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You'll get a chance to connect with our customers and industry experts.

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An exclusive interview: we'll come to you with
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