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  • Integrations
    Lite Pro Max
    Unlimited carrier integrations
    Integrate every carrier you have
    a contract with
    Import carrier rates
    Quickly compare your carriers' rates
    for every order
    Unlimited marketplace integrations
    Integrate all the marketplaces and stores
    you use to sell
    Automatic order import and synching
    Import all your orders from different
    marketplaces and stores in one place
  • Shipping
    Lite Pro Max
    1-click shipping
    shipping labels for your orders
    with just one click
    Mass print shipping

    Quickly generate shipping labels
    for all your orders
    Status tracking
    of shipments

    Track your order throughout the
    shipping stages
    Edit imported orders
    Edit imported order data
    before shipping
    Create orders manually
    Manually enter orders
    to be shipped without importing them
    Manage tracking links
    Manage all tracking links
    for all your shipments
    Quick pick-up booking
    Book pick-ups for one or more
    shipments quickly and easily
    Manage sender addresses and

    Easily manage all
    addresses you use to ship and
    order pick-ups
    Manage cash on delivery
    Manage cash on delivery
    for every order
    Manage insurance
    Manage insurance for
    every shipment
    Backup carrier rates
    by isendu

    In case of emergency, use
    our carrier rates
    for domestic and
    international shipments
  • Automation
    Lite Pro Max
    Carrier rate comparison
    Compare the rates of all your
    carriers in real time before making
    each shipment
    Preferred shipping method
    Choose your preferred carrier
    to be used automatically for each
    Generate warehouse

    One-click generation of all
    warehouse documents such as packing lists
    and bordereau
    Import order weights
    Automatically import
    order weights from your
    marketplace and stores
    Manage packaging
    Manage and quickly choose
    the type of packaging for
    every order
    Automatically copy
    order notes

    Reduce errors by leaving
    a note with the carrier for every shipment
  • After-sales marketing
    Lite Pro Max
    Customizable transactional emails
    Create and send your customers
    appealing emails for each
    shipment transaction
    Transactional WhatsApp messages for
    shipping status

    Quickly update your customers via
    WhatsApp on the status
    of their shipments
    Transactional email management
    based on shipment status

    Choose which transactional email
    to send depending on the
    shipment status
    Transactional email branding
    Customize your transactional emails
    with your brand
    Transactional email promotions
    With the ad widget,
    you can insert links to your promotions
    directly in transactional emails
    Customer support in
    transactional emails

    Tell the customer how
    to contact you with the
    customer support widget
  • Customer support
    Lite Pro Max
    Dedicated customer success

    Solve any problem
    with the help of one of our experts
    24/7 support
    Contact us any time to
    quickly solve your
    Knowledge base
    Find answers to all your
    questions on how to use

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