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Take your time back.
The future is already here!

How many times have we dreamed of traveling back in time to correct our mistakes? isendu is a software that will automate all the processes of your e-commerce, to give you back the time you’ve lost.

The future is already here.

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Make it easy

Selling online is not child’s play, but at isendu we make it easy. Sign up to our service and watch your E-commerce GROW!

One for all and All for you

At isendu, you’ll have a representative ready to support you in every situation. Just like Pete, we’ll stick by your side regardless of the circumstance.

The Smartest Guy on the planet

isendu: The future of e-commerce
is opening its doors to investors

Ship. Communicate. Sell.

Start shipping at the speed of light and with maximum efficiency.

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