If you believe in isendu, if you want to push yourself to grow, if you want to have access
to continuous training.

If you want to stand out by giving e-commerce
a more automated experience.

Lele Salvati


isendu Partner
since February 2022


In just one quarter, our Partner closed 4 contracts (1 Lite subscription starting from €49, 2 Pro subscriptions from €89, and 1 Max subscription from €129). You will have an Account Executive at your disposal with 2 sessions of updates per month, and the chance to participate for free in online and offline events promoted by isendu and our partners.

True Opportunity

Our goal is to help e-commerce grow
without lifting a finger

Multiply your profits

Make your earnings explode by opening conversations
that turn into an improved customer experience
thanks to post-sales services.

We have 3 flexible pricing plans and an array of marketing
tools to support you at every stage.

Dedicated meetings

We'll accompany you along the customer acquisition journey.
You will have 2 meetings a month with our Account
to get customized training and
resolve any doubts.

Team Building Activities

Training. Growth. Networking. Opportunities.
At isendu, we wholeheartedly believe in the power
of a strong team, which is why we have planned
a cycle of Team Building events, on a quarterly
basis, directly at our headquarters in Firenze

Personalized dashboard

We give you complete control of a personalized
dashboard to watch your income grow,
analyze periodic trends and collect
fees automatically.

Instant chat

We go the extra mile with new partners and
nurture existing ones, like you, by having a
dedicated channel on Telegram so you can
always stay in touch with the isendu team
and any of our Affiliate partners.

Reserved for

Web agencies

Software Developers

E-Commerce Managers



  • Web agencies

  • Software Developers

  • E-Commerce Managers

  • Influencers

  • Freelancers

    Make your expectations a reality

    Grow your MRR twice as much in half
    the time with isendu

    Your annual earnings:

    We at isendu want to give you value and pave the way
    to write a new page of e-commerce, together.

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